7th Conference by G.S.M.E.

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th takes place at Thessaloniki Concert Hall  the 7th Conference by G.S.M.E. (Greek Society for Music Education) under the subject

Music Literacy
Formal and Informal Ways of Music Teaching-Learning

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30rd Thessaloniki International Choral Festival

30oΔιεθνες χορωδιακο Φεστιβαλ ΑφισαWhere: AUTH Main Ceremony Hall, Thessaloniki 546 36, Greece
When: 13 December 2014 07:00pm14 December 2014 11:00am & 07:00pm
Calendar: http://ift.tt/1ux7Tc2 & http://ift.tt/13hIeib
Information: Thessaloniki’s OTE Employee’s Cultural Club

The Thessaloniki International Choral Festival which is organised by the Thessaloniki’s OTE Employee’s Cultural Club for the 30th consecutive year will take place at 12/13/2014 & 12/14/2014 at the AUTH Main Ceremony Hall.

This huge event is an outcome of the continuous offer from the Thessaloniki’s OTE Employee’s Cultural Club at the cultural and social life of the city. An offer to the city of art and civilisation, crossroad of religions and cultures.

24 choirs will participate. Mixed, male, female, youth, children choirs from Greece and abroad. Specifically:

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Choir Concert with the Hellenic Choir- XRadio’s Choir Greece

Hellenic Choir RodosΠου: Evaggelismos Church Rodos
Πότε: October 10, 2014 at 08:30PM
Ημερολόγιο: http://ift.tt/ZahCfV
Πληροφορίες: http://ift.tt/10GOwpZ

Choir Concert with the Hellenic Choir- XRadio’s Choir Greece

Repertoire: a cappella works Palestrina, Monteverdi, Purcell, Mendelssohn Thomson  & Rutter.
Elgar:From the Bavarian Hightlands op. 27.

Piano: Thanos Margetis
Chorus Master: Nektaria Paletsou

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16ο Διεθνές Σεμινάριο Μουσικής, Κοζάνη 19-31 Αυγούστου 2014

Έμη Τσιούρα - Emy TsiouraΠου: Κοζάνη, Ελλάδα
Πότε: August 25, 2014
Ημερολόγιο: http://ift.tt/Ymytwe
Πληροφορίες: http://ift.tt/UCHj6N
Info: http://ift.tt/Ymytwg

Στο πλαίσιο του 16ου Διεθνούς Σεμιναρίου Μουσικής της Κοζάνης που διενεργείται από 19-31 Αυγούστου διοργανώνεται και σεμινάριο χορωδίας στις 25 με 31 Αυγούστου με εισηγήτρια τη Εμη Τσιούρα. Συνέχεια… | More…