Choral Conducting Summer Academy at Ionian University

Eleni Internou

There’s no need for comments on the Choral Conducting Summer Academy by Ionian University. Though in case it’s in your interest field and you haven’t already applied for this year’s Academy, then read the experience of Eleni Internou, the conductor of the Iho – Children’s Choir and Vocal Ensemble, and take advantage of the short extension until Monday, 5th June

One more wonderful conductors’ meeting took place this year, too, on the “singing” island of Corfu. It’s been the 5th time I attend the Choral Conducting Summer Academy, and I admit I left this time, too, with the best of impressions for the guest conductor, Maria Guinand. Συνέχεια… | More…

The chorus song in education

soprano, conductor Member of the Board of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Choral & Instrumental Ensembles Conductors

Lora Petropoulou
soprano, conductor
Member of the Board of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Choral & Instrumental Ensembles Conductors

This article was originally posted on International Choral Bulletin of International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM).

In the Greek educational system choir singing, in general education, is taught as an optional subject.

In Primary Education a choir functions during the afternoon hours (14.00-16.00), inside a cultural and creational frame of work. The students that take part in it are the ones that remain in the school after the end of their obligatory syllabus and it is suggested to those studying in the last four grades. In the morning sessions, the choirs are formed during the Musical Education subject and are primarily aiming at taking part in performances for school or national days’ celebrations but without taking into consideration the pupils’ vocal or acoustic abilities. Συνέχεια… | More…

6 Psychological and Physical Benefits of Choral Singing

dsc02829This article by Jordan Smith is originally posted on CMUSE and translated into Greek by Symeon Lagopoulos.

Research has shown for some time that singing in a choir has tremendous benefits for physical and mental well-bing, leading some to campaign for it to be prescribed as a treatment for medical conditions. In addition, recent findings from a study suggest that there are specific benefits related to choral singing which are unique to this pastime.

Below we take a look at some of the advantages of singing in a group. Συνέχεια… | More…

How to be a good choir member

Photo by CowGummy

Photo by CowGummy

This post was originally published by Chris Rowbury at his blog From the Front of the Choir.

Last week I wrote about whether you need singing lessons in order to be able to sing. I suggested that people should simply jump in and join a choir before they ever consider individual singing lessons. I pointed out that there are important group and harmony skills that cannot be taught one-to-one.

This week I want to consider what qualities make for being a good choir member. Of course, this list is personal and not exhaustive, so I would welcome any additions from all you fine readers out there. Do drop by and leave a comment. I always welcome your feedback and wisdom (it can get lonely this side of the keyboard!).

So, in no particular order, these are the qualities that I believe make for an ideal choir member: Συνέχεια… | More…

How to cope when singers miss choir sessions


Photo by Missy S.

This post was originally published by Chris Rowbury at his blog From the Front of the Choir.

What’s great about a group of singers who meet regularly is that you can grow and develop together, improving skills and techniques week on week.
But what happens if not everyone comes to every session? Συνέχεια… | More…

7th Conference by G.S.M.E.

From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th takes place at Thessaloniki Concert Hall  the 7th Conference by G.S.M.E. (Greek Society for Music Education) under the subject

Music Literacy
Formal and Informal Ways of Music Teaching-Learning

Since the announcement of the programmed we’ve outlined for you the choral part at the calendar. Συνέχεια… | More…

World Choir Rankings 2014

Interkultur Choir World Rankings

Just a few days ago, Interkultur announced the η World Choir Rankings for 2014. This announcement lead to a flashback thought the rankings since 2011 looking for Greek Choirs that managed to place Greece in the choral world map.

Just before we get into the details about the Greek Choirs, it’s good to check a little the history of the World Choir Rankings and the responsible organization Interkultur. Συνέχεια… | More…