World Choir Rankings 2014

Interkultur Choir World Rankings

Just a few days ago, Interkultur announced the η World Choir Rankings for 2014. This announcement lead to a flashback thought the rankings since 2011 looking for Greek Choirs that managed to place Greece in the choral world map.

Just before we get into the details about the Greek Choirs, it’s good to check a little the history of the World Choir Rankings and the responsible organization Interkultur.

The data affecting the ranking come from all the choral competitions organized by Interkultur and under the quality seal of Musica Mundi. Also since 2012 the data count the results of all the contests since 2000, the birth year of the World Choir Games, the Choir Olympics, up to the date of the rankings’ publication.

As it’s already clear, Interkultur is a sound global choral institution. Actually is a coalition of non-profit and profit organizations working together for major cultural goals. Through the creation and implementation of high standards events, as the World Choir Games, more than 7.500 choirs, a few hundreds of singers and musicians, from more than 100 nations, have shared strong experiences, competed in fair play, acquired knowledge and strong motivation for choral excellence.

Really, how many Greek Choirs have lived these experiences? Unfortunately there are not complete public data about the total number of the Greek Choirs participating in all Interkultur contests. Though, we have the official World Choir Rankings that likely include Greek Choirs.

Each time the World Choir Rankings are separated in a top 1000 list of all shorts and those showing the best 50 of each specific category. The categories are Children’s and Youth Choirs, Mixed Choirs, Female Choirs, Male Choirs, Chamber Choirs & Vocal Ensembles, Sacred Music & Music of the Religions, Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Spiritual & Barbershop Choirs and Folklore. Unfortunately in top 50s there are no greek choirs but each year there is at least one in the top 1000.

Year Position Choir Conductor Points
2011 272 Ambitus Katerina Vassilikou 882
499 Ss. Cyril & Methodios Choir & New Conservatory Children’s Choir Maria-Emma Meligopoulou 823
506 Children’s Choir of the City of Athens (Rosarte) Rosie Mastrosavva 820
549 OTE’s Mixed Choir of Athens Alexandros Papagianopoulos 810
982 Alexandrian Voices Eleni Theodoridou 732
2012 82 Ss. Cyril & Methodios Choir Maria-Emma Meligopoulou 999
221 Children’s Choir of the City of Athens (Rosarte) Rosie Mastrosavva 920
634 OTE’s Mixed Choir of Athens Alexandros Papagianopoulos 810
993 Alexandrian Voices Eleni Theodoridou 732
2013 324 Ss. Cyril & Methodios Choir Maria-Emma Meligopoulou 908
2014 373 Ss. Cyril & Methodios Choir Maria-Emma Meligopoulou 908
409 Rosarte Children’s Choir Rosie Mastrosavva 898

As shown in the table, we compared the data of every years rankings (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014) found out that five choirs from Greece, but none from Cyprus, made it to the ranking. From them only Ss. Cyril & Methodios Choir, while it’s also the choir with the highest Greek score (999) and position (82) in 2012.

So if a choir wants to have a change to be found in the list of the best choirs of the world all it has to do is to be properly prepared and take part at least in one choral competition under the auspices of Interkultur. The closest destination is in Kalamata, 14-18 October 2015, which is actually the first event of its kind in Greece, so far. Of course those having greater ambitions and want to live the absolute choral experience they should get ready for a trip to the Black Sea in Sochi, for the next World Choir Games, 6-16 July 2016.

Kalamata - Interkultur

Until then you can enjoy the top of the top choir, since 2012, the Stellenbosch University Choir in a video of their performance of the African Alleluia  (on ChoirTV) during the last World Choir Game in Riga, Latvia, as well as a sneak flashback of the best moments of the first week of the games. During that week took part all the performances of the Greek Choirs competing. Rosarte Children’s Choir achieved the only Greek gold medal, while Alexandrian Voices and Manolis Kalomoiris received a silver diploma. Let’s hope that a strongest Greek achieving presence will take place.

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