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For some years now we’ve been noticed the lack of an organized catalogue of the greek choirs. Although there are various foundations (eg ΙΕΜΑ – Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics) and private initiatives (eg in.gr) none of them is complete. To be more precise, in best case the list few dozens of  choirs and ensembles. In addition most of them require a monthly or yearly fee or lots of time before one may see the choir’s registration published.

Thus we decided to provided our infrastructure the service of all the Greek Choirs. We created an open form, accessible to everyone. without any kind of fee, in order to create – at last – a complete catalog of all the Greek Choirs. A point of reference where every choir will be able, immediately and without any cost, to publish its contact details and promotion channels.

Finally with the Facebook Group and the event calendar we provide to everyone the opportunity to share the news and promote the events and the work of their choir, while access to post on the front page will be granted to those who have to share interesting themes concerning the goals of the platform.

For more details you can check Benefits and Contact Groups or at the “instructions” and “about” categories posts.


The catalog of Greek Choirs is a voluntary offer by people who love the choirs for the choirs. At this point,because our priority is that every choir should be able to register easily, we should note that there no bureaucratic validation of the registered data. Thus, exclusive responsibility for the validity of each choir’s dat is the person who makes the registration. Considering that sometime this person is not always in charge of the choir, we found necessary the hidden fields of signature (υπογραφή), phone (τηλέφωνο) and emergency email (email άμεσης επικοινωνίας). In any case the creators and administrators of the site are not responsible for the validity of the data. In case you notice any inaccuracy of your choirs or festivals data or there’s a change since the registration, follow the directions at the step “Corrections” or email us at info@greek.choirs.gr under the title «Greek Choirs Catalog – Data Change». In the email please include:

  1. The wrong data
  2. The new data to replace the above
  3. The name and the authority of the person asking the change (e.g. Maria Charalambou, Conductor of X Chor).
  4. A phone number of the person asking the change

If for any reason we don’t contact you and your correction is not done during a workweek, please call Ms Tsiarta at +306972730937.

Registering a Greek Choir or Festival


You can register your choir here or from the menu Greek Choirs -> Register a Greek Choir and your festival here or under the menu Greek Choir Festivals -> Register a Greek Choir Festival.


Just follow the instruction in the form. The fields with the red star* are mandatory. If you still have douβts don’t hesitate to contact us at info@greek.choirs.gr or Ms  Tsiarta at +306972730937, and helps us make this site better. When you complete filling the form, check the entries and just press the button submit at the end of the form. Υποβολή


As soon as you submit the form on the top of the page a message will appear that will give you the option to edit your response or add a new choir or festival (if you want to register another choir).

Επιβεβαίωση Καταχώρησης | Entry Confirmation

It’s recommended that you keep the link to edit your answers, so as you can edit your data on your own any time. You can do that with a right click and a copy link address or by just clicking on the link to open the edit page and then copy the url address from your browser. Be careful when sharing the URL address of this page because it everyone having this address can edit your registration. This address is unique and appears only in this message. Without it you have to contact us to make any kind of changes.


In the pages of the the Comparative Catalogs (Choirs, Festivals) you can see every choir or festival from the very first moment of their registration. At the bottom right part of the list is shown the total of the registrations and the total of the appearing entries. If you want to browse or search all the entries check that the number entries appearing is equal or larger than the entries’ total. Practically the number at Lines per pages («Σειρές ανά σελίδες») is larger than the number of total entries (Σύνολο Καταχωρήσεων). If it’s smaller, click with your mouse int the box and a number larger that the appearing total (eg the 3 στο 1 από 3). FAQ-καταχωρήσεις B

Sorting – Search – Filter

As soon as you are sure that all entries are shown (see. view) then you can try a simple search in page from your browser, sort the column or apply single or multiple filters. To search you can use your browser’s menu (browser: chrome, firefox, ms explorer) or the key combination ctrl+F (control & F) that opens the search field where you type the word you are looking for, eg Melissanthi (the choirs name).
If you want to sort a column, eg to see the choirs alphabetically just click on the column title, eg Choir Name (Όνομα Χορωδίας – Αγγλικά) and immediately a little triangle  ––  showing up will appear and the list will be sorted from A to Z. If you want the sorting from Z to A just click again on the column title and you’ll see the sorting changing and the triangle turning upside down –.

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