Facebook group usage instructions

Greek Choir Festivals - Notifications Group - NewThe Facebook group [Group] Ελληνικές Χορωδίες & Φεστιβάλ | Greek Choirs & Festival is one of the tools developed by Greek Choirs & Festivals and is open to all friends of the Greek Choral scene. Of course, if you are a member of a choir or organizer of a Greek Choral Festival, you can find out more about the benefits and communications groups for Greek Choirs & Festivals here: http://greek.choirs.gr/faqs/benefits-and-contact-groups/.

First, let’s see how one can use the Facebook group. Expanding on the name, this group has been created exclusively for the immediate communication of Greek Choirs and Greek Festivals, the promotion of their work and the discussion of topics related to their operation. Συνέχεια… | More…

One year Greek Choirs & Festivals

By the chance of the first year of Greek Choirs & Festivals and the first Informal meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals, a short research is necessary to check the up to now evidence gathered from the first moment of this voluntary act.

4-7 minutes maximum from your time are enough so you can contribute to the effort and guide the next moves towards the improvement of the available options offered by Greek Choirs & Festivals.

If for any reason you face difficulties you may fill in the questionnaire directly at google forms by clicking here. Συνέχεια… | More…