Informal meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals in Thessaloniki

Monday 20th June, 17:00 at Cafe del Arte, 
2th V. Georgiou Str., Lefkos Pyrgos Sq. (above the Royal Theater)
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After many requests by friends of this effort an informal coffee meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals takes place in Thessaloniki as a chance to meet in person and exchange ideas on how we can make Greek Choirs & Festivals more useful for the choirs, the festivals and the friends of the Greek choral world and of course to share visions on Greek Choral future.

After two years of life and one year after the Athens’ meeting we can check the first clues and evidence as well as the emerging opportunities for the Greek Choirs and Festivals. You may contibute to these data by filling in this small questionare (about 4-7 minutes). Συνέχεια… | More…

100+ Greek Choirs & Festivals

Greek Choirs - 100+Officially and hopefully, right now, the Greek Choirs promoted through Greek Choirs & Festival are more than 100, while the Festivals are almost 20. Is you choir in the list? Can those looking for choir or festival to find it?

For historical reasons let us keep a snapshot and meet both the Festivals & the Choirs: Συνέχεια… | More…

One year Greek Choirs & Festivals

By the chance of the first year of Greek Choirs & Festivals and the first Informal meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals, a short research is necessary to check the up to now evidence gathered from the first moment of this voluntary act.

4-7 minutes maximum from your time are enough so you can contribute to the effort and guide the next moves towards the improvement of the available options offered by Greek Choirs & Festivals.

If for any reason you face difficulties you may fill in the questionnaire directly at google forms by clicking here. Συνέχεια… | More…