100+ Greek Choirs & Festivals

Greek Choirs - 100+Officially and hopefully, right now, the Greek Choirs promoted through Greek Choirs & Festival are more than 100, while the Festivals are almost 20. Is you choir in the list? Can those looking for choir or festival to find it?

For historical reasons let us keep a snapshot and meet both the Festivals & the Choirs:

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  1. Agios Konstantinos
  2. ARTIVA – Nafplio International Choral Festival
  3. Choir Festival by Filarmonia Christoforos Ioannou
  4. Choral Meeting of Alexandria Municipality
  5. Christmas Choir Festival of Trikala
  6. Davlia Choral Meeting
  7. Edipsos International Choral Festival / Edipsos-Evia Island – GREECE
  8. International Choir Festival
  9. International Choir Festival Music and Sea
  10. International Choirs’ Festival of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi
  11. International Choral Festival of Preveza
  12. Mani Festival Maria Kallas
  13. Molos Choral Festival
  14. Pnevmatiki Gefyra – International Festival-Competition of Chamber Music and Choirs
  15. Semeli Choir Festival
  16. Spring meeting of choirs
  17. World Choir Festival on Musicals
  18. Xylokastro Winder Choir Festival

Choirs (Alphabetically)Greek Choirs & Festivals - Add Choir - Button

  1. Ai Adousai – Women Byzantine Choir
  2. Alexandrian Voices (Alexandrian Choirs)
  3. Allegri
  4. Ambelohori Female Choir
  5. Angels Voices – Youth Choir Holy Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita
  6. Children Choir of City Conservatory of Larissa
  7. Children Choir of Limassol Cyprus Litterary Society
  8. Children Choir of Municipal Conservatory- Petroupolis
  9. Children’s & Youngsters’ Municipal Choir of Pilea-Chortiatis
  10. Children’s choir Evaggelistrias Pireaus
  11. Children’s Choir F.S.F Aristotle DIMITRIOS LIOTSIS
  12. Children’s Choir Kallitexnimata
  13. Children’s Choir of Aristotle Concervatory Friend Club of Naousa Imathia
  14. Children’s Choir of Lydiko Odeio
  15. Childrens Choir of Polyphonic Choir of Patras
  16. Childrens’ Choir SOL
  17. Choir Thamyris Thessaloniki
  18. Choir Agias Kyriakis Alexandroupoli
  19. Choir of Athens Bar Association
  20. Choir of Davleia
  21. Choir of Ilioupolis Residents Association
  22. Choir of Kallitehnico Ergastiri Iteas
  23. Choir of Lefkimmi
  24. Choir of Lydiko Odeio
  25. Choir of Mandoulides Schools
  26. Choir of Mesa Geitonia Municipality
  27. Choir of Minor Asian Union of Evosmos
  28. Choir of old ages people of the Municipality of Byron
  29. Choir of the Academic Music Association of Thessalonians
  30. Choir of Tripolis
  31. Choir of Xanthi’s Cantors Association
  32. Choir Philarmonia-Christophoros Ioannou
  33. Choral Society Armonia of Preveza
  34. Corfu Children’s Choir
  35. Corfu Men’s Choir
  36. Corfu Youth Choir
  37. Dimodokos Municipal Choir of Corfu
  38. Diocese of Nea Krini and Kalamaria Children’s Choir
  39. Diocese of Nea Krini and Kalamaria Female Choir
  40. Ekfrasi
  41. Elassona Children Choir
  42. Ellixos
  43. Emmeleia
  44. Evropoulon I.Kapodistrias’ Corfu
  45. Farsala mixed choir
  46. Female Choir Ευ Choralis
  47. Filarmonia
  48. Fons Musicalis – Municipality Children’s Choir of Pydna Kolindros
  49. Fons Musicalis – Municipality Choir of Pydna Kolindros
  50. Friends of Tradition
  51. Galilaia Children’s Choir
  52. Giannis Blahogiannis
  53. Graduate Choir of Pallini Music School
  54. Horodia Gynaikwn Siatistas
  55. Iho – Children’s Choir and Vocal Ensemble
  56. Kassandra Cultural Club Mixed Choir
  57. Kodály Conservatory Children’s Choir (Greece)
  58. Kodály Conservatory Mixed Choir (Greece)
  59. Korais
  60. Ladino Choir Thessaloniki
  61. Libro Coro
  62. Limassol Boys’ Choir
  63. Madyto’s Children’s Choir
  64. Marsya’s Concervatory Choir
  65. Melifono
  66. Melissanthi (Alexandrian Choirs)
  67. Melodia Vocal Ensemble
  68. Men’s Choir of Greek Telecomunications Perfecture Corfu
  69. Mixed Choir North College Alumni Association
  70. Mixed Choir of Argyroupolis
  71. Mixed Choir of Aristotle Concervatory Friend Club of Naousa Imathia
  72. Mixed Choir of Bank of Greece Employees Union
  73. Mixed Choir of City Conservatory of Larissa
  74. Mixed Choir of Cultural Center Nea Raidestos
  75. Mixed Choir of Cultural Center Tagaradon
  76. Mixed Choir of Cultural Center Thermi
  77. Mixed Choir of Kavala County Friends’ of Music Club
  78. Mixed Choir of Polyphonic Choir of Patras
  79. Mixed choir of Thassos Municipality
  80. Mixed Choir of the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi
  81. Mixed Polyphonic Choir of N.Peramos – Kavala
  82. Mousikes Dimiourgies AMKE
  83. Municipal Choir of Trikala
  84. Municipal Chours of Giannitsa
  85. Musical Praxis Mixed Choir
  86. Neoi Mousikoi Xoris Sinora
  87. New Choir of Kalamaria
  88. Orpheus of Lefkada, Mixed Choir
  89. Panorama mixed Choir of PIlea Chortiatis’ municipality
  90. Polyphonico-Rotonda Chamber Choir
  91. Pre-Children’s Choir of Patras
  92. Rosarte Children’s Choir
  93. Saint Alexander’s Male Voice Polyphonic Choir (Palaion Faliron)
  94. Semeli Mixed Choir
  95. Source of life
  96. Synodhporoi
  97. The City Of Athens Choir
  98. Thermaikos Choir
  99. Traditional Chorus of Research Club Of Pelion
  100. Vocal Patra’s Vocal Ensemble
  101. Vocal Ensemble of Rhodes Bar Association
  102. Voice Box
  103. Youth Choir of Municipal Conservatory- Petroupolis
  104. Youth Choir of Polyphonic Choir of Patras
  105. Youth Choir of the Municipality of Thassos

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