Benefits and Contact Groups

By filling in a simple form every Greek Choir and Greek Choral Festival can directly and free of charge acquire a reference point on on the internet. As soon as any choir of festival is registered, it automatically acquires an exclusive web page that can be easily accessed by the alphabetical catalogue (choirs, festivals). At the same time the registration shows up at the related comparative catalogue (choirs, festivals) where one may find the choir of the festival of his/her choice using filters (e.g. city, choir type, conductor etc). You can find more details and instruction about registration and search at FAQs.

Google Groups

To facilitate direct communication between choirs and festivals we’ve created two Google Groups, Ελληνικές Χορωδίες (Greek Choirs) and Ελληνικά Χορωδιακά Φεστιβάλ | Greek Choral Festivals. In the later are included only the organisers of the Greek Choir Festivals, with the emails that were filled in their registration, while in the first are included the authorised person equally by the registered Greek Choirs & Festivals.

Google Groups enable the creation of forum like conversations (for those having a google account) but it also makes it easy for those that are not that fond of the technology since they can participate in the conversations simply by email. Thus, if for example you are in charge of a Greek Choir Festival and you want to invite all Greek Choirs and inform other Festivals for your next event, all you have to do is to send an simple email at This way all Greek Choirs & Festivals will receive your email. But if you want to address only to the organisers of other Greek Choir Festivals then you should send your email to

Of course, in order for your email to be sent you have to send it by the email you have filled in during your choir’s or festival’s registration. At this point we have to ask you to absolutely respect the subject of the groups and the personal data! You should never send sensitive personal information (e.g. id data) in public conversations (like the messages at the groups above). Also the groups exist to facilitate the work of choirs and festival. If the members start receiving irrelevant messages then the purpose of their existence is by default invalidated. So what kind of messages can you send? Anything interesting for the Greek Choirs and Festivals and their people from the choral point of view. For example choral examples, seminars or classes for choral conductors, scores or arrangements for choruses (please mind the copyrights), current issues and news e.g. about conductors work conditions, an event by a Choral Institution etc. So what should not be sent to the group? General news that are not relevant to the choral life, music and other events that have no choral parts or are not choraly interesting.

Finally, as in every email, you make sure that your message has a clear and short subject that is followed by a clear and as short as possible text and of course at recipient‘s place is found the correct email address (even if we are sending a reply)!

All messages from the group Ελληνικές Χορωδίες (Greek Choirs) will always come with the suffix [ΕΧΦ]
and from the group Ελληνικά Χορωδιακά Φεστιβάλ | Greek Choral Festivals with the suffix [ΕΧΦ – Fests].


All registered Greek Choirs & Festivals, as well as the Greek Choral Institutions and Associations, have the right of direct access to post articles on the home page. You can check some examples (Polyphonic Choir of Patras, Maria Michalopoulou) and if your are interested in the option just contact us at

Social Media

For the best possible promotion and communication of Greek Choirs & Festivals we take advantage of the the options provided by the most common Social Media. Every post on the home page is equally promoted at Google+, Twitter, Facebook Page and Group.

Also, at least once a week, our admins repost on our Facebook Page all the events of the registered Greek Choirs & Festivals posted by them in the Facebook Group.

Meanwhile, the Facebook Group is an open meeting point for all the friends of Greek choral world. Members or not of Greek choirs or festivals can post events’ invitations, photos or videos, interesting articles, thoughts, opinions or anything else that may be relevant or interesting to Greek Choirs & Festivals. More details about the group can be found at the pinned post and the description of the group.


Anyone that is aware of a choral event can add it to the Events Calendar. To add a choral Event or Festival on the calendar, just create a Google+ Event or a Google Calendar Appointment and add as a guest the email Of course if the event already exists just add as a guest the email and ideally the event should be hosted at the organiser’s Google+ or Calendar. Though, since not everybody uses all the means we prefer the free option for every goodwilling friend to be able to contribute.

As shown at the Events Calendarit is important for all events to include the following information:

  • Title of the event
  • Place (city and venue)
  • Time (Date & time)
  • Fee of entrance / participation
  • Website for extra info (if there is one)
    To make the link active you may use a bit of simple HTML
    <a href=””></a>

    eg: <a href=”“>Calendar</a>
    shows the link Calendar
  • Basic Details (organiser, participants, choirs taking performing).

If you still need help, please check the FAQs or contact us at


Ελληνικές Χορωδίες και Φεστιβάλ | Greek Choirs & Festivals

Ελληνικές Χορωδίες και Φεστιβάλ | Greek Choirs & Festivals

If you are not in charge of a registered Greek Choir or Festival and you don’t have the right to be a member of Google Groups, then you can register to our newsletter. So you can receive directly to your email all the home page posts and the hot subjects emerging by the means above.

The newsletter emails are always coming with the suffix [ΕΧΦ-GCF].

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