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Greek Choir Festivals - Notifications Group - NewThe Facebook group [Group] Ελληνικές Χορωδίες & Φεστιβάλ | Greek Choirs & Festival is one of the tools developed by Greek Choirs & Festivals and is open to all friends of the Greek Choral scene. Of course, if you are a member of a choir or organizer of a Greek Choral Festival, you can find out more about the benefits and communications groups for Greek Choirs & Festivals here: http://greek.choirs.gr/faqs/benefits-and-contact-groups/.

First, let’s see how one can use the Facebook group. Expanding on the name, this group has been created exclusively for the immediate communication of Greek Choirs and Greek Festivals, the promotion of their work and the discussion of topics related to their operation.

What can one post to the group? Anything that is focused on the choral arts that can be of interest to Greek Choirs and their members, the Greek Festivals and their coordinators, but also in principle any friend of Greek Choral Song.

In detail, posts can be: choral events, activities organized by Greek choirs or festivals, video and photographic material from choral events, scores from choral works or (with careful attention to intellectual rights issues), articles about voice and choral song, opinions, facts and positions on the matter, organizational or relevant issues that affect the operation of the choir or festival, seminars and other educational activities that interest conductors, members or organizers of choral events, and anything else that can pique the interest of group members based on the above criteria.

Some concrete examples: Posts of your next choir appearance or your next festival are more than welcome. Likewise a charity event or public benefit activity that is organized or attended by your choir or festival is quite acceptable. The same goes for photos or videos of the above-mentioned events; articles about vocal health or uniform design and selection; sheet music or a book with choir-related content; announcement of a masterclass or a course on choir management.

As stated above, all posts must be aligned on the axis of choral interest. Not all musical events and information belong to this group. For example, a seminar on choral management is appropriate, while a violin seminar is not, even if Leonidas Kavakos is the lecturer. The topic matters, not just the quality and credentials of the event! While the opening of an art exhibition where a choir sings is appropriate, the art exhibition itself is not a proper topic – even if it’s the most important on the planet. Also, it is common for a choir to be attached to a larger organization with varied activities; we are still interested in the choral topic. Let’s assume that a choir belongs to a worker’s union. While photos from a trip of the choir are welcome, the coordination of a trip by itself is not relevant. The same goes for sheet music and video; we are definitely interested in a choral work or in a video of choristers, but solo songs of modern or classical music are not an appropriate topic (even if you discover in your attic an unpublished work by Chopin for violin!).

It goes without saying that advertising non choral events and activities or political speech is a no go. Finally, cultured persons refrain from inappropriate expressions, insults and personal attacks. We are certain that you will respect the rules and members of the group and that you will not force the administrators to remove posts or ban members.

In a gesture of recognition of proper use of the group, any events of registered Greek Choirs and Festivals that are posted on the Facebook group will also be posted by our administrators the Facebook Page.

Don’t forget to activate notifications from the group and of course “Like” the page Ελληνικές Χορωδίες & Φεστιβάλ – Greek Choirs & Festivals. (https://www.facebook.com/greek.choirs.festivals).

We are hoping that the group, the page and the platform Greek Choirs & Festivals will be useful to you personally and to all Greek choirs and Greek Choral Festivals.

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