Choral Conducting Summer Academy at Ionian University

Eleni Internou

There’s no need for comments on the Choral Conducting Summer Academy by Ionian University. Though in case it’s in your interest field and you haven’t already applied for this year’s Academy, then read the experience of Eleni Internou, the conductor of the Iho – Children’s Choir and Vocal Ensemble, and take advantage of the short extension until Monday, 5th June

One more wonderful conductors’ meeting took place this year, too, on the “singing” island of Corfu. It’s been the 5th time I attend the Choral Conducting Summer Academy, and I admit I left this time, too, with the best of impressions for the guest conductor, Maria Guinand.

The atmosphere created by the organizers is really helpful for all of us. Even if we don’t know each other, the common love for choral singing, the choir, unites us.

The conductors, who teach us, bring each their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to share with us their zeal for choral music!

The venue of the seminar is the most suitable in my opinion. Although, with the constantly increasing numbers of participants, the stage won’t be adequate for the final concert! The given material is helpful, for the teaching subject that each conductor chooses. The lab choirs are amazing! The kids are so collaborative and talented, that the just provide you with the ideal material and then you just delve into it… and of course with lots of work, love, and persistence… you create it.

Of course, in everything nice, there’s a tiny detail spoiling the perfect image. In this case, it’s the dorms. In any case, it’s not mandatory and it’s by far cheaper than any hotel. This year the accommodation in the dorms was 10€ per day, while the hotel was 40€. No comparison here! Still, it’s kind of awkward to suddenly share a room like this and a small bathroom with a complete stranger.

No matter what, though, there’s nothing that can stop me to participate in the next Summer Academy!

Best Regards,
Eleni Internou

Amfissa, 30/9/2016

***Application Deadline: Monday, 5th June 2017 (extension)***
Summer Academy Webpage of Ionian University
The complete announcment
Application form
Duration: 1-7th July 2017
Guest Conductor: Doreen Rao (USEA)
Tuition Fee: 250€

Info: tel. +30 26610 53284 & e-mail:
Director: Dr. Miranda Caldi
Associate: Dr. Maria Emma Meligopoulou
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