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Laurea MundiA special invitation by Μeeting Μusic for the Greek Choirs.

Show your Diploma from other events you have been to and find out if you are qualified for Laurea Mundi Budapest | Grand Prix of Choral Music, 2016.

We would be very proud to welcome you in Budapest next year and to share special moments again in a competition that will take place in Hungary between July 9 – 13, 2016.

With Laura Mundi we will also celebrate the legacy of the composer and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály.

Your choir will have the opportunity to participate in this festival in the Open Competition or the Grand Prix of Choral Music, for holders of a Golden Diploma. In addition you can attend the pedagogical activities like Workshops, Individual Coaching, and meeting in music  Friendship Concerts during the festival.
But there’s more! You all can join the First International Honor Choirs in Hungary, which will be directed by the internationally recognized Henry Leck and Gábor Hollerung.

If you do not have Golden Diploma yet, no problem. The competition is open for all non-professional choirs and a qualification to sing in the Grand Prix is possible during the event.


meeting music

Μeeting Μusic would gladly provide excellent hospitality in one of the most stunning music halls in Budapest, the Palace of Arts. July 9-13, 2016.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us: music+сип панели цена спбмошенничество укqr code marketing ideas

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