Corfu Children's Choir

Παιδική Χορωδία Κέρκυρας

Σοπράνο (1), Σοπράνο 2 / Μέτζο, Άλτο (1)

Authority: Χορωδία Κέρκυρας
Conductor: Χριστίνα Καλλιαρίδου
2nd Conductor or Art Director:

Address: Σολωμού 21-23, 49100, Κέρκυρα
Country: Ελλάδα
Communicate with: Μέξας Σπύρος, αντιπρόεδρος 6947938237

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One Comment

  1. Daniela Baicheva

    Dear, Sirs!

    It is my pleasure to invite your choir to be a part of First International Choral Festival “Voices of Civilizations”!
    The Festival will take place on 24-28 August 2016, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – European Capital of Culture 2019.

    More information about the Festival you can find on the face book page:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I would appreciate your kind response!

    PS. Please, like our face book page! Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Daniela Baicheva
    Coordinator of the Festival

    Non-Profit Association Palitra
    Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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