One year Greek Choirs & Festivals

By the chance of the first year of Greek Choirs & Festivals and the first Informal meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals, a short research is necessary to check the up to now evidence gathered from the first moment of this voluntary act.

4-7 minutes maximum from your time are enough so you can contribute to the effort and guide the next moves towards the improvement of the available options offered by Greek Choirs & Festivals.

If for any reason you face difficulties you may fill in the questionnaire directly at google forms by clicking here. Συνέχεια… | More…

Informal meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals

ΕΧΦ - Καφέ

Friday 19 June, 14:00 at Ya Cafe, Athens.
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After many requests by friends of this effort an informal coffee meeting of Greek Choirs & Festivals takes place in Athens as a chance to meet in person and exchange ideas on how we can make Greek Choirs & Festivals more useful for the choirs, the festivals and the friends of the Greek choral world and of course to share visions on Greek Choral future. Συνέχεια… | More…