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The new choral year is almost here and the choirs’ heads review and decide the next goals. Choral Festivals are definately part of these goals so let’s check out the greek choir festivals registered so far at the list of Greek Choirs & Festivals (alphabeticaly).  Συνέχεια… | More…

1st Choral Festival of Karousades

1ο Φεστιβάλ ΚαρουσάδωνWhere: St. John Theologos Monastery of Karousades, Corfu
When: August 31, at 08:00pm

With the Choirs of:

  • Cultural Club of Avliotes
  • Cultural Club of Kassiope
  • Cultural Club of Gyros Kastellanon
  • Cultural Club of Sinioi
  • Karousades “Ntinos Theotokis” (Adults – Children’s part)

Free Entrance
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New Choirs at Greek Choirs

Ελληνικές Χορωδίες & Φεστιβάλ - Λογότυπο | Greek Choirs & Festivals LogoDespite the summer vacations the choirs’ people do not rest. Thus eleven new choirs registered in the catalog of the Greek Choir.

So, lete meet these choirs:

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